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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CST

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you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . family and friends are remembering the three people who diein a huge crash in benton county. happened around 5:20 yesterery morning on highway 30 near keystone. the state patrol says the driver of a minivan carrying nine people lost contl on some ice. that's an update from yesterday when the patrol said 10 were in that vehicle. when the minivan slid, another vehicle coming from the other direction hit it. and two other cars also crashed. kcrg g v nine's brady smithth spoke to the friend of one of the victims tonight and joins us. brady, the three who died and six others were all from africa? specifically, from the democratic republic c the congo. one of them was 35 year- old michka kabeya.
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namputu and dickson mandiki, who h just moved fm illinois a a were living together in cedar rapids. kabeya's close friend, emmanuel mambo, says kabeya came to the united states in october last year mamba says this is a heartbreaking loss - not only for him - but for the tightly-knit congolese community he's a part of. 53:21-:25 "michka, he's really my best fried for a long, long time." emmanuel mambo says he greeup with michka kabeya, and even helped him get his visa to come to the united states. he leaves behind a wife - who was injured badly in the crash - and a young son who's in kindergarten. platini namputu, pictured here, lived with dickson mandiki. mambo heard about the crash about 6 hours after it happened early thursday morning. he talked to us through an interpreter, using a mix of french and lingala. 55:54-:06 "the day before, i was with michka here,
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me, and we talked, we spent the night together. and then it was really a shock for me to hear from the family that he passed away."mambo says the group was driving to work in tama when the crash h happened. to lose 3 members of the local congolese community so suddenly is incredibly hard to take, he told us, and he's now relying on that community as a source of strength. 58:34-:41 "i have friends who have become our family, but my family, they're in africa, in congo." mambo simply wants people to knkn this about the friend he lost: :51-:56 "he's a really good person. and he got along with everybody." rama muzo, who works for the cedar rapids school district and is acting as a contact point for the congolese community, told us michka kabeya's wife has undergone surgery and is still in critical condition. authorities have still not released the names or conditions of everyone else involved. but muzo told us the congolese community is
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funeral plans, and to gather support for everyone involved. the iowa department of transportation plans to improve a dangerous portion of highway 20 in dubuque county. it's where thehe highway intersects with swiss valley road just west of dubuque. d-o-t data show there were 34 crashes in that area between 2010 and 2014. the projjt includes straightening the westbound lanes of highway 20. the d-o-t says that will add more space between the east and westbound lanes, allowing cars to cross two lanes of traffic at a time. the department estimates the multi-phase project will cost 26 million dlars. phase one will begin sometime in 2019. we turn now to meteorologist joe winters. joe, we're seeing some flurries in parts of eastern iowa tonight? however you look at it we will enjoy a super weekend, especially weather-wise
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light snow and flurries tonight give way to a partly cloudy s for the start of the weekend. highs respond nicely with middle 30s common. susuday brings another c cnce for some light snow later in the day. this is part of a system that will linger with scattered snow showers into tuesday. although amounts look light at this point, we need to watch for some wiwidy conditions monday bringing areas of blowing snow. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: chance of light snow low: 20-26 wqnds: s 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 33-39 winds: w 5-1515 back to you. former iowa governor chet culver says the state's change to a privatized medicaid system will have a negative effect on disabled iowans. today culver said more than 120 thousand iowans with disabilities will lose the
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culver is holding two town n ll meetings nextxt week to talk about the change. he'll be at the coralville public library tuesday morning at 10. from there, he goes to the cedart& rapids public l lbrary for a town hall meeting at two tuesday afternoon. today the outbreak of the zika virus forced puerto rico to declare a state of emergency. docto on the island say the virus has infected at east 22 people. in florida, doctors have diagnosed more than a dozen people with the virus in recent weeks. those cases all involve people who traveled to south or central america. florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency for four counties in the state earlier this week. "the way i ink about it, we have to ensure, just like a hurricane, we have to ensure that florida's safe. juststike in a hurricane, what we always say to ourselves is we're going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. " scott says the type of mosquito
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zika virus is common in florida. twitter is doing its part to stop any online spread of terrorism. today the social networking site suspended 125 thousand accounts where people allegedly threatened or promoted terrorist attacks. twitter says it used spam- fighting technology to flag accounts promoting the activities. the terrorist t oup isis has used social media to recruit people to its cause. twitter's move came after the u-s government pressured social media companies to respond more aggressisily to reports of terrorism. five people, including a 10-day-old baby, died today when an earthquake struck in taiwan. the magnitude six point four quake also injured more than 150 others. the quake struck taiwan's southwest coast where nearly two million people live. two high rise buildings collapsed, and firefighters and soldiers used cranesesnd and other equipment to rescue more
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a massive crane collapsed today in lower manhattan, killing one person who was walking on a sidewalk below. a 73 year old man in his car was injured. initial reports say workers were lowering the crane when 20 mile an hour winds might have caused it to collapse. new york mayor bill de blasio says it could be a while before the street re-opens. " this area is going to be cut off, largely cut off for several days we'll make every effort to accommodate people " the collapse happened during rush hour in manhattan. de blas says workers who were lowering the crane did a good job to make sure the area was mostly clear when the crane suddenly fell. a a popular dating app has kicked a cedar rapids woman off the site for talking about politics. the app 'tinder' says it's trying to stop political spamming during this election year.
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swiping right or left onour phone screen is typically how you meet a potential match on the dating app, tinder. but kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy explains that one cedar rapids woman was using it to connect with voters in new hampshire ahead of their presidential primary on tuesday. haley lent isn't your traditional tinder user. she has just one man on her mind.. 17:28:3:3"i didn't really know who he was honestly." and her interest in him..
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nothing.. built up pretty quickly. to i'm obsessed. a political obsession that began monday 17:31:1: "in our precinct wewe lost, three to two, but i was still super pumped it was that close." an energy for bernie sanders she took to tinder, 17:32:37 i could talk to people all day on the internet. it's different in person." a dating app that matches you with people nearby. and although she's married, with three children, she signed up for a premium account - allowing her to reach across state lines.. 17:33:31 "so i could reach people in new hampshire." her message? 17:35:05 "can i ask you a question? do you plan to vote in your primary? do you plan to vote for bernie sanders? " it's a question some didn't mind. 17:36:05 "most of the time they were pretty positive about it, like oh yeah, i'm already voting for him." but others weren't fans of replacing dates with politics. 17:39:22 "you start talking politics to them and they're like, is this really alyou wanted to talk about?" even going as far as reporting her to tinder -
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"your account is under review, you've been reported too many times." tinder responded to our questions with this statement: "we don't allow spamming. so feel free to spread the bern, just don't spam." but for lent.. i don't think i did anything wrong." the ban on her account.. all i was doing is talking politics with people over tinder doesn't make much sense. in cedar rapids, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. a new national poll shows the democratic presidential race is closer than ever. a ququipiac university poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders 44 per cent to 42 per cent. that's easily within the four and a half per cent margin of error. quinnipiac surveyed nearly 500 democrats across the country in the three days after the iowa caucuses, which clinton won by just two tenths of a per cent. tomorrow night, the republican candidates will debate for the final time
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primary. a-b-c's david muir and martha raddatz will moderate the debate. you can wat it right here on t-v nine starting at seven o'clock. a lot of dancing's going on tonight in iowa city, and it's all for the kids. it's the unersity of iowa's annual 24 hour dan marathon, and it's already ben underway for more than
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however you look at it we will enjoy a super weekend, especially weather-wise on saturday. light snow and flurries tonight give way to a partly cloudy sky for the start of the weekend. highs respond nicely with middle 30s common. sunday brings another chance for some light snow later in the day. this is
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will linger with scattered snow showers into tuesday. although amounts look light at this point, we need to watch for some windy conditions monday bringing areas of blowing snow. havee great night and a safe weekend. tonight: chance of light snow low: 20-26 winds: s 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 33-39 winds: w 5-15tomorrow night: partly cloudy
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winds: sw 5-15sunday: chance of light snow high: 38 - low: 28 monday: light snow likely, windy high: 26 - low: 26 tuesday: chance of light snow high: 17 - low: 11 wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 23 - l: 6 thursday:`chance of snow high: 31 - low: 13 friday:
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dancers at the university of iowa have a long night ahead as they raise money for kids fighting cancer. this is a live look at the university of iowa's annual dance marathon going on at the iowa memorial union. more than two thousand students will be showing off their moves for a
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dancing at 7:00 tonight and won stop until 7:00 tomorrow night. each student participating had to raise at least 500 dollars to dance. the whole e6ent is a fundraiser for the university of f wa children's hospital. the students are hoping to break last year's record when they raised more than two million dollars. the 21 p2evious marathons raised more than 16 and a half million llars. a popular brewery in the iowa river landing in coralville is expanding north. the backpocket brewing company is opening a new location in cedar apids. the backpocket pilot pub will be downtown at 415 thirdtreet southeast. it will feature experimental small-batch beers that aren't normally made in iowa. backpocket didn't announce an exact opening date for the new brewery, but expects it to open some time this year. a new restaurant is also coming
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cedar rapidsdshis year. this is a rendering of what the new rock top restaurant and bar will look like. developers will build it in a nearly eight acre project at blairs ferry road and rockwell drive. the new ressurant will feature two levels and an open-air patio. developers say this will be the first restaurant of its sind in the cedar rapids area. today president obama said new jobb numbers prove the u-s has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. employers added 151 thousand jobs in january. the number was belowowhat ecocomists expected. but it was enough to reduce the unemployment rate to four point nine percent. and that's the lowest level of the obama presidency. up next tonight, scott has big news from ames. one of the cyclones star players was suspended tonight. and the iowa wrestling team tries to win a big 10 title trophy at carver hawkeye.
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tonight. iowa state center jamaml mckay has been suspended from the team and did not make the trip to stillwater. no word yet on why he was suspended. the second ranked iowa wrestling team decked out in camaflage at home against the hoosiers tonighthtthe hawks got a first period pin from brody grothus at 141 for the 12-nothing lead. and edwin cooper picked up a
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winning 13-1.. and a great match at at 174 alex meyer ranked 12th with the late third period takedown for the 8-7 come from behind win over 11th ranked nate jackson.. and then sam stoll who is really coming on ranked 7th with the pinn at heavyweight and iowa shutout 20th ranked indiana 45-nothing to clinch at least a share of the big 10 title. and their you see the trophy.. uni hosted iowa state live on kcrg 9.2 tonight. and former denver tripola star dylan peters with the third period takedown for the 9-7 win.and the packed west gym was rocking. and what a dual at 165 paden moore wiwi the take down in ot for the 3-1 win and a 16-12 uni lead. but iowa state at answered at 174. leeland weatherspoo n with the 5-2 decision over kyle lux to cut the lead to 16-15 going into the final match of the night at 184.. and the cyclones dane pestano with takedown and he beat drew foster 7-2. and iowa state comes from behind to
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to hoops and what a match up tonight in troy mills. 17-2 north linn hosted 17-1 springville. josh has the highlilits. springville beat north linn earlier this season. the orioles jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter, mikayla nachazel with the hoop and harm. springville up 11-5. 2nd quarter. north linn comes back, anna legrand three-ball corner pocket is good. lynx up 17-16. but they trailed 31-20 after three in the 4th, ashley tull gets her r n putbaba. north linn trails by seven. but springville's riley menster delivers the dagger with this three. orioles win 46-32 and take the tri-rivers conferen title outright. on the boys side, springville kept this game close early. andrew blakely three-ball corner pocket. swish orioles up 5-3. but north-linn picks up the pressure on defense. jake hilmer nice bounce pass to david seber who finishes with the layup. it was tied 9 all after one quarter. in the 2nd, hilmer with another
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time he takes it in himself finishing wit the left hand. then with 1.5 secons left before halftime, ryan miller floats one up and it falls. north linn wins 64-37. the second ranked iowa city west boys were at jeff tonight. scott westerberg has the action. tanner lohaus was back in action after missing a number of games with an ankle injury a his trojans were on fire. alex henderson, nothing but net. 25251 west. then it's dallas majors cleaning up the miss. trojans open up a 16 point lead. the j- hawks were scoring in bunches in the opening quarter as well, royshawn webb with the op and harm. final seconds of the first, wali parks with the put back to beat the buzzer. 32-16 west. trojans keep hitting the offensive glass in the second. nate barnes with the board d d bucket. jeff answers from downtown. adam van oort is money from three. but way too much offense from the trojans. connor mccaffery with the swish. west
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rapids, scott westerberg tv9 sports. we had a girl-boy double header at kennedy tonight the cougars hosted wash. lets start o o with the girls. and wash with a g gd start to the second half.. jayla pledge johnson with drive to the rack and the warriors took a 35-34 lead on this joniqua clark trey.. but it was all kennedy after that turning up the full courtt pressure.. they force the turnover and they make them pay on the carly langhurts layupp.. and that had them doing some crazy dancing.. d then the senior lella sellers took over with the drive and kiss for two of her 20 in a 64-58 cougars win.. and lots of dancing tonight the kennedy dance team put on a great show.. to the guys and drake brewster was praying for a big game and delivered look at this drive down the lane.. wash answered with the long ball ian thomas three ball corner pocket.. but matt burst can flat out shoot and he hit back to back triples and that t d the crowd going bonkers and that is what you call an extreme closeup.. but it was
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warriors from behind the arc.. kieon wills from downtown and wash beatatennedy .so they split tonight. and finally lets head to the stable the roughriders hosted madison...ceda r rapids on the powerplay early in the first when hugh mcging lights the lamp for the 18th time this season...1- nothing riders.... --cedar rapids with another powerplay later in the first and this timet's matt gosiewski with the goal as the roughriders beat madison thanks scott. oneeast look at the forecast, joe... however you look at it we will enjoy a super weekend, especially weather-wise on saturday. light snow and flurries tonight give way to a partly cloudy sky for the start of the weekend. highs respond nicely with middle 30s common. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. have a
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